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I know these cars use an extremely thin weight oil at 0w20. I had my oil changed about 250 miles ago and checked the fill level when I got home later that day. The ride home from the dealership which happens to be near where I work was about 30 miles or so of mainly stop and go traffic with some Highway, not to mention an extremely hot day.

I checked the dipstick and as usual the thin weight oil was very hard to see. I first noticed it seemed over filled as the fill line was above the second hole and just below the H. Although only slightly overfilled, what I found interesting was how brown or dark the oil had become after driving it just 30 miles or so. I could be wrong but the last time I checked the dipstick after a change (late March, cooler weather) I thought I remembered the oil being more amber in color. So I'm wondering if it could be a few things, a) the thin weight Mobil synthetic oil just gets dark quicker in hotter weather, b) they changed the oil and not the filter leaving the used oil in the filter, hence not only the darker color but the overfill as well, c) they've switched from draining it from the oil pan to extracting it via vacuum through the fill tube which many dealerships are doing these days. This does not extract as much oil as draining it via gravity. When vacuuming or siphoning the oil out it is very difficult to almost impossible to get the oil out of all the baffles and channels from the bottom of the oil pan. I'll definitely be checking with the dealership to see which method is used.

Anyway, I don't like it being overfilled even just a little bit so I have a handy dandy hand pump oil siphoner and siphoned out about 12 oz which put the level just below the upper hole. I have attached pictures to show you the color of the oil extracted after 250 miles. I would imagine the oil was the same color at 30 miles because the color on the dipstick really didn't change nor did the color on the rag after I wiped the dipstick clean at 250 mi versus 30 mi. So am I being paranoid or is this simply the way it is with oil in these motors (or as the dealership would say..."its normal")? Of course just asking for peace of mind 😉
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