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  1. Infiniti Q60 Issues And Problems
    Just did a replacement for both turbos due to a coolant leak. The car does have an ECUTUNE. now when I reach 55mph regardless of the rpm leading to the speed, acceleration cuts off completely until it drops to 45ish. Also in the first 10 seconds after ignition my rpm’s are fluctuating between...
  2. Infiniti Q60 Issues And Problems
    So I’ve had this problem intermittently for a while now but it’s been getting more apparent recently. The pull will start strong then come around 4.5/5k rpm it feels like I hit a brick wall and the car jerks really badly and will sometimes throw itself into limp mode with no MIL or codes...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, This morning my car wasn’t accelerating past 40 mph while way up into 3 RPMs. I turned my car off and started it again and it seemed to correct itself but on my way home I noticed my traction and check engine light were on. The traction light has since went off but, the check engine...
1-3 of 3 Results