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  1. Cooling System
    I have ams aux coolant pump for the heat exchanger. Please pm me with offers. Slightly used.
    $375 USD
  2. Forum Member Reviews
    was curious if anyone has had any experiences with the PLM Full Downpipes. I see they are fairly cheaper than AMS full downpipe set by nearly $1000. I know with AMS you’re paying for brand and quality assurance, I wouldn’t mind getting the AMS if it truly is the only option. I just grabbed my...
  3. Engine
    I have every fuel part from AMS. Minus the new rails. I sold my Q before I got to use them. So these are brand new in box. Sitting in my closet collecting dust. Over $4600 in parts. I will let the whole thing go for $3900 shipped. This is a great package deal if you are just starting out. Or I...
    $1,000 USD
  4. 2017+ Q60 News
    I wasn't sure whether this should have gone in the engine section, but since it's news, I guess it fits. I've been living under a rock, so forgive me if this is well known already (I searched both here and the Q50 section and didn't see anyone talking about it). Apparently AMS is working on a...
1-4 of 4 Results