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  1. 2017+ Q60 News
    Gday from Australia 🦘 I am considering purchasing a 2019 Q60 Red Sport after sadly being involved in an accident with my 981 Boxster :( I've always loved these cars and the way it looked since seeing the concept at Detroit Motor Show back in 2015. I am curious as to why they didn't opt to...
  2. Exhaust
    Hey guys. Replaced my stainless steel axel back for the carbon fiber. I had it on for maybe 3 months before receiving the new part. I do have the receipt as well for anyone who’s interested. Been sitting in my garage for awhile now but I’m open to trades or other offers, especially if you don’t...
    $500 USD
  3. Exhaust
    Exhaust off a 2017 Infiniti Q60 AWD with 50k miles. Overall in good working condition. A few (not all, but a few) of the studs on some of the flanges broke off. They are pressed in so they just need knocked or drilled out and replaced with a bolt and nut or a new stud. Price reflects these...
    $100 USD
  4. Intake And Exhaust
    I finally got my FI catback exhaust and lower downpipe installed yesterday (loving it so far!). However, I've noticed when going over certain bumps there seems to be some rattling going on in the back. Has anyone else experienced this or know what might be causing it? I tried googling it some...
  5. Exhaust
    Anyone have some recommendations for a custom performance exhaust. I have lower downpipes already. I’m thinking of just getting a custom y pipe to mid pipe 2.5inch all the way with two resonators ? Or should I just get a 2.5inch to magna flow magnapack ? Thanks in advance
  6. Intake And Exhaust
    For a 2019, AWD, non-red sport. I ordered a cat-back exhaust and lower down pipe back in March and they should finally be here in the next few weeks (hopefully!) I got the non-resonated x-pipe with the 10" sport mufflers as well as the lower down pipe. I mainly got the downpipe for the sound...
  7. Exhaust
    I'm looking to buy Fast Intentions cat back exhaust, preferably with the 14" resonator, for 2017 Q60. Unless in the northeast, would have to be willing to ship. Hit me up with anything you got! Thanks,
  8. Intake And Exhaust
    I've searched and looked around for this topic but I haven't seen anyone compare the two. Lots of great reviews for both of these pieces. However, I was wondering: How much better are FI's catted downpipes compared to Z1's? Z1 Catted Downpipes: $898 FI Catted Downpipes: $1695 Does come down...
  9. 2017+ Infiniti Q60 General Discussion Forum
    Hey there, I just installed my full Borla catback exhaust with aFe lower downpipes. I've never seen anyone with this exhaust combination or post any videos of the Borla catback. Is there any reason why the Borla exhaust is so underrated? I installed it on my 3.0T Q60 with aFe LDP's and I'm in...
  10. Intake And Exhaust
    Hey. I just bought Q60 RS AWD. It is fully stock. I am in Ukraine. Looking to buy best CATBACK for my car. Here is what I get to know right now. Cheapest Nvidia seems to be really quiet. Sounds bad with LDP as some said to me. MBRP needs additional resonators. Fast Intentions is the most...
  11. Intake And Exhaust
    I just installed the Infiniti axle-back sport exhaust (B0100-Q60S2) on my '17 q60 3.0. I was underwhelmed with the change in sound. It's nice, just a bit quiet for me. Any suggestions to increase the sound?
  12. Intake And Exhaust
    Hey guys, first post on here ! I’m on the fence about buying a used Ark cat back exhaust w/ burnt tips. I was messaging back and forth with the guy and he says you can use the stock bolts and stuff for the exhaust. Just wanted to ask if that’s possible or will I have to buy a certain lot from...
  13. Exhaust
    Bought in March used for 3k miles. Good condition. Just upgraded to FI CBE thats why I'm letting it go. Definitely louder than stock but not unbearable. $450 Shipped (less if local) Located in Brooklyn, NY
  14. Intake And Exhaust
    Recently we met up with Davis and his bagged Q60 coupe. His car was one of the first to receive our 10" Sport mufflers; and to think its now our most popular selling options.
  15. Intake And Exhaust
    I recently asked my dealer about how LDPs and CBE would void my warranty and he said it's because those mods could affect the back pressure in a negative way but it doesnt make sense. These mods seem safe but does anyone know reasons of why the dealership would logically void the warranty if...
1-15 of 15 Results