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  1. 2017+ Q60 News
    I just installed the JB4 in my '17 Q60 Silver Sport. It's been a week and my check engine light and traction control light came on. I pulled the codes and got P0101, what steps should I take next? with it only being a week and already having problems I got a bad taste in my mouth. Has anyone...
  2. Engine
    Bluetooth Jb4 with fuel wire, bought to use on my car until I was able to get an appointment for a dyno tune and ended up getting an appointment ASAP and not even using the jb4. Great condition asking $450 shipped
  3. Turbo And Tuning
    Attached are the JB4 map 6 settings and graph log for the same run. It was a 3rd gear run from 2000rpm to 6550rpm (in 3rd) then shift to 4th and I let the car decelerate to about 3000rpm. My biggest concern is the the AFRs during no throttle in deceleration is as high as 25.5. Is this normal. I...
  4. Jb4

    2017+ Infiniti Q60 Pictures
    Has any one with a q60 red sport has installed a jb4?
  5. 2017+ Infiniti Q60 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I’m new to this Q family. I have a Q60 3.0T premium AWD in Canada. I only have JB4 and Infiniti Hemholtz Exhuast and KN drop in filter with me now. Looking for more modifications in the future. Just asking for more advices here. I’m planning to get a LDP and Heat exchanger for next...
  6. Infiniti Q60 3.0T RWD Discussions
    Hi I was wondering is there any way to have multiple OBD connections in the Q60? Or if I should get a splitter? I am trying to connect a gauge and JB4 but I mean there's only 1 OBD port. I just head that splitters usually turn one port on and the other off and keep switching so I was wondering...
1-6 of 6 Results