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q60 2017

  1. Electronics
    Does anyone know how to access the rear speakers? I need to tighten the speakers down bc when i play music it vibrates and sounds like it’s loose
  2. Interior
    How many speakers does the none bose sound system have?
  3. Electronics
    Whats the best audio setup to replace my none bose audio system since the car didn’t come with that package
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Is there a way to always start up the q60 on sport mode or personal mode? Since on default it always starts on standard mode
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Whats the difference drive modes from the standard mode vs the sport mode? And also if your on the standard mode on the drive selector and change your drivetrain and engine through the screen will that make it “sport mode” basically?
  6. New Member Introductions
    My question is if the sport mode (specifically) from drive selector is the same if you change your personal drive train and engine to “sport” through the bottom screen if that makes sense. Tried my best to make my question clear