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2 Different AMS Heat Exchangers

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I found 2 heat exchangers on the AMS site. Both looks similar but I can’t tell what the extra stuff with the Race HX is. They both say they fit OEM and utilize OEM hoses, etc. Can anyone differentiate the two?

Or does anyone know other heat exchanger’s that compare in performance?
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I can confirm that infiniti can (and likely will) make you put the stock HE back on for any indepth warranty work. Ask me how I know?
That is entirely dealer dependent. I had no issues getting warranty work (engine, turbos, and transmission replaced) with a Fast intentions catback and AMS intakes, heat exchanger, and downpipes installed.
Like I said, it's entirely dealer dependent. My car was in on 6 or 7 separate occasions for warranty work in the last 13k miles and they never had an issue with my mods being left on. Corporate even came out to do a boroscope on the engine when it was consuming coolant and all they said was that I'd have to pay for them to reinstall my non oem parts (ldp's and exhaust). No big deal really as I basically paid $600 for a new engine and turbos. My service advisor also knew I was tuned and knew that I tracked the car. However, I did not have blowoff valves, and I know that dealers have taken issue with them on multiple occasions when it comes to warranty work.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts