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2 Different AMS Heat Exchangers

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I found 2 heat exchangers on the AMS site. Both looks similar but I can’t tell what the extra stuff with the Race HX is. They both say they fit OEM and utilize OEM hoses, etc. Can anyone differentiate the two?

Or does anyone know other heat exchanger’s that compare in performance?
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I can confirm that infiniti can (and likely will) make you put the stock HE back on for any indepth warranty work. Ask me how I know?

I used almost all AMS parts believing infiniti would not deny a warranty claim based on aftermarket parts and when I had trouble, they insisted I restore the entire car back to OEM before they would work on it any longer. They spent $10k trying to fix an electrical problem so I'm not sure why they cared about a heat exchanger .. but they did.

This was infiniti of Kansas city so be warned. Ultimately, I had to fix the car myself which was better than restoring the car to OEM.

My advice; if you are going to install an aftermarket HE, get the biggest one you can afford. Cooling is like money and horsepower; you cannot have enough of any of them and for all the work to install it, what is another $200 to have the best protection possible?
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I think we can all agree that the decision to modify the vehicle while still under warranty (whether factory or extended power train) will be a roll of the dice.

In my case, the problem was very difficult to find; the dealer charged infiniti almost $10k trying to fix the issue with no luck. They ultimately decided the easiest way out of the issue was to decline the warranty because the car was modified. If your dealer needs to call the infiniti tech line, they can and likely will inventory the vehicle (they did on mine) . I was told everything on the car had to be OEM. I had a mild build; ARK Grip exhaust, AMS intakes, AMS race HE, HKS blowoff valves, oil catch can and AUCar mark 6 infotainment console. The problem was the car would go into limo mode with a exhaust camshaft position sensor bank 1. The dealer replaced the sensor, then replaced the camshaft sprocket (pulled the engine for that fix) and even replaced the ECU. I was without a car for 6 weeks before they simply gave up and sent me packing.

I am just sharing my experience and I am confident when I tell anyone reading this post that you do not want to be in my position. I could not get the car fixed and was left to fix it myself. The problem was ultimately a failure in the main F-harness and had nothing to do with any modification I installed.

I think more importantly, that infiniti (corporate tech team) will not honor any AMS modification. I paid the premium for AMS products under the assumption that there was a partnership and certain AMS products would not void warranty. I can tell you that if they "choose" to deny a claim, they can and when I went back through the fine print I found that AMS clearly states that their products may void the warranty.

I hope nobody goes through I did because I was left holding the bag and was lucky I could solve the issue myself otherwise the car would have been only worth salvage value and it had less than 30k miles on it.

I'm not saying not to modify, I am saying do so with the understanding that you be land yourself in my situation if the stars are not aligned well...

I have read in many forums to take all non OEM parts off before taking the car to the dealer and I am confirming that advice.

Best of luck to everyone and make the best decision for you.
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