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2 Different AMS Heat Exchangers

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I found 2 heat exchangers on the AMS site. Both looks similar but I can’t tell what the extra stuff with the Race HX is. They both say they fit OEM and utilize OEM hoses, etc. Can anyone differentiate the two?

Or does anyone know other heat exchanger’s that compare in performance?
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I was confused at first as well.

The AMS HE is double the thickness (and size) of the OEM at 22mm, and the AMS RACE HE is even thicker at 32mm.

Most of the aftermarket HEs, including the AMS HE, are a tight fit. The extra bits that come with RACE HE is to allow installation.
Any HE is going to be better than the secondary OEM HE that looks more at home on a watercooled PC.

The reason why the AMS HE is popular is because its one of the few parts that are available through Infiniti dealers. This means that most Infiniti dealers can install it for you, emphasis on most, potentially meaning a parts warranty and/or maintaining vehicle warranty. It's best to ask around: While the Infiniti HE is basically just Infiniti rebranded (and marked up) AMS HE, some dealers will not deal with it. (Some dealers would back in the years when the Infiniti HE was out of stock.)

Warranty or not, most still have the heat exchanger installed at their Infiniti dealer due to the high risks of when air is introduced into the coolant and in the case there are damages (under warranty), then Infiniti/insurance have a more difficult time blaming the damage on you.
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