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2 Different AMS Heat Exchangers

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I found 2 heat exchangers on the AMS site. Both looks similar but I can’t tell what the extra stuff with the Race HX is. They both say they fit OEM and utilize OEM hoses, etc. Can anyone differentiate the two?

Or does anyone know other heat exchanger’s that compare in performance?
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The "standard" size AMS HE is more than plenty for managing heat soak for 95% of modified Q owners, unless you plan to exclusively track your Q in Florida or Texas this summer.

The "standard" HE is a drop-in replacement, whereas the "race" HE will need some additional surgery on your Q to fit properly. The installation time for the "standard" HE is 4.5 to 5 hrs. When I had my Q, my local Infiniti service tech installed it.
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Warranty or not, most still have the heat exchanger installed at their Infiniti dealer due to the high risks of when air is introduced into the coolant and in the case there are damages (under warranty), then Infiniti/insurance have a more difficult time blaming the damage on you.
My dealer provided a 1-yr/12k mile labor warranty for the installation of the Infiniti-branded AMS HE. When I had it home the 1st night, the IC Coolant Recovery bottle dumped some coolant out the overflow because the tech had filled it too much. I drew down the level with a turkey baster until the coolant was back in the MIN/MAX range. That was the only blunder from the installation process.
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However, I did not have blowoff valves, and I know that dealers have taken issue with them on multiple occasions when it comes to warranty work.
Yeah, BOVs and OCCs seem to be the mods that get Infiniti corporate in a kerfuffle...

I had Turbosmart BOVs & Mishimoto OCC installed, but I removed them prior to bringing in for service.

Both turbos and engine were replaced under the Powertrain Warranty.
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