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Just joined the forum. I’ve had 8 Infiniti vehicles over the years but just picked up a 2015 Q60 convertible (I missed my old one in the summer and found a really low mileage one in great condition).

its a tad sluggish on acceleration but I’m more used to my 2020 Q50S so I know it’s not exactly “fair” but…. I’m considering some mods to tighten it up a little and maybe add a bit of performance. I’m not looking to add spoilers or lower it - but the more I read the more I have no clue what I’m doing.

Any suggestions for $2,000 - $3,000 and what that investment should go towards. Paint etc is perfect so I’m looking to hear suggestions under the hood that might bring a little more life into this car.

appreciate the input - looking forward to reading through the site and finding some nuggets of info

thanks - Gary

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Im sure there are some folks in here that have had or have the same model that you picked up. I had a 2008 G37S. However, you may find a lot more information geared towards that model in the G37 forums. I think most of the good info on modding that engine is probably over there. I only say this because most of the info on this forum seems geared towards the 2017+ models with the VR30DDTT engines.

Infiniti G37 convertible | G37 Forum | G37 Coupe and G37 Sedan Forums

Infiniti G35 G37 Forum (


Here are a few that you might find helpful.

Good luck!
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