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Hi everyone,

I am a new member & recently got myself a 2020 Q60 Red Sport.
The question, what can I do to increase horsepower without voiding any warranties.
What's on everyones to-do list for their Q60?馃馃

Thank you everyone!


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Substitute the JB4 from for the Ecutek tune, as it is a piggy-back boost control. And instead of FI Full DPs, just lower DPs from FI, HKS (resonated), AMS, etc. will be sufficient, too.

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Highly recommend, Burger Motorsports JB4 and Fast Intentions full exhaust with fast cats and induction. Been running them for a while now and it changes the car completely.

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Running Ams downs and full FI catback and I notice a difference. Waiting on AMS intakes then im going to throw it on the dyno then tune to get a before and after. Just the downs with the vatback made a bit of a difference to me. 2020 Red Sport.

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Talk to a dealership. If you're not wanting to void the warranty then that's your best bet. We've got one in Houston that will install everything in the RA 500 package (RA 500 Performance Package -, with some less expensive parts, and still back the Infiniti warranty. Otherwise the small things like Cat Back and Intakes are safe to do yourself and not have to worry about voiding the warranty. You get into the tune on your own and the warranty is voided, that is of course if they ever were to find out.

Here's mine:
Red Alpha Intakes- INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit -
Red Alpha Heat Exchanger- INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Heat Exchanger -
Red Alpha Intercooler- Q50 Q60 Red Alpha Auxiliary Intercooler Tank -
Fast Intentions Lower Downpipes- Q60 3.0L VR30DDTT Lower DownPipes, Fast Intentions
Fast Intentions Cat Back Exhaust- Q60 3.0L VR30DDTT Cat Back Exhaust, Fast Intentions
Ecutek Tune with Bluetooth Kit- Specialty Z VR30DDTT EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit
RSS Down Sus Spring- INFINITI Q60 Sport / RedSport /Silver Sport AWD DOWN SUS SPRINGS 2017+
Carbon Fiber Hood-
Carbon Fiber Spoiler-
Carbon Fiber Front Lip-
Carbon Fiber Rear Lip-
Carbon Fiber Side Skirts-

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I talked to my local dealer service mgr and she told me that the mods only affect warranty if they cause the problem. My heat exchanger, intakes, exhaust dont mess with anything so Im good. I like the JB4 cause I can set the car stock and remove it in less than 10min and they never know it was there.
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