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Hey All,
I'll be attending the HRE Open House for anyone in the area or people that want to drive down to the San Diego Area, they do it every year. Its always a great turn out and awesome cars to look out with vendors giving car goodie.

My car will be there on display.

Come on out and lets meet up!

In keeping with yearly tradition, we'll be once again opening our doors and inviting the automotive community to experience #HREWheels - wheels, cars, music, raffle and prize giveaways!

HRE President Alan Peltier will be giving three guided tours showing every step of the wheel making process and offering a sneak peek at upcoming forged models.

Don't miss #HREOH 2017!

Win a set of HRE Forged Wheels and other amazing prizes with our $5 charity raffle for Motor4Toys.

Registration is Sold Out, but Spectators and Street Parking are open and always FREE!

2611 Commerce Way, Suite D Vista, CA 92081 United States



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