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Hey guys I’m in the middle of buying downpipes for my 2018 q60. Ive done a lot of research/YouTube videos and read comments about certain downpipes and a lot of people think it’s too raspy (I have a stillen catback exhaust)

So concept z and others said resonated would be the best option.

Just wondering if anyone had has experience with resonated downpipes. I’m currently looking at these ones PPE Engineering PPE Stainless Steel Lower Downpipes, 2.5" Resonated - Infiniti Q50 / Q60 3.0t Premium / Red Sport RS400 VR30DDTT PPE-VR30-01-R 20691-19U00 33006-BN001 CZP-20691-19U0A-VR30 CZP-20813-5CA0A CZP-2BLT-250 ppePPE-VR30-03 - Concept Z Performance

If someone can help me out here that would be highly appreciated.

I want to maintain a deeper/ exhaust note ajd not have my car sound to raspy
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