Hello everyone, I am selling my ARK Grip Cat Back Exhaust for the Q60. Part #SM1160-0216G.

It was on my car for under 1,000 miles and a little under a month. I purchased it from ARK Performance for $2,500. Included is the Y pipe, mid pipes, mufflers with burnt tips and all the hardware; gaskets and bolts. The condition is great, like new with no scratches or anything on it. The tone is very deep and great however it was wayyy too quiet for me. I went ahead and got a muffler delete from Takeda instead. Now it drones a bit but it's much louder.

Payment will be through PayPal goods and services. I am located in Long Island New York, so you can do local pickup if you'd like. Or you can pick your shipping carrier and I can ship it to you. I am selling it for $2,150 plus whatever shipping costs will be. DM me for more details!