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Greetings INFINITI Coupe Friends 👋 LQQX50 here with a brief intro . . .

Tire Wheel Water Car Vehicle

🙄 Why Yes, That is indeed a 4 Door Hatch Wagon Shooting Brake ~ INFINITI Branded ~ 3.7 V6 Powered J50L Platform ~ Built in Japan ~ Americanized Version of the Nissan Skyline Crossover 370GT ~ Malbec Black in Color

Yes, I know there is a site. I'm a Super Moderator over there. It is a Morgue.

There are few 1st Gen EX EX35 EX37 QX50 ( 2008 to 2017 ) guys on there who share tales of our High Performance Reliable Sleepers.

Mosts Posts and New Members are the Mexican Built 2019 to Present - FWD Based - CVT - 4 Cylinder Members Complaining about Quality Issues and Electronic Bugaboos they can't figure out on the Gen 2 QX50.

Joined here as I " Indentify " as more of an INFINITI Sports Coupe Driver ~ albeit I have a Hatch, Power Fold Up and Down Rear Seats, and those 2 added rearward doors for the rear seat passenger's convenience.

So, Hopefully I can relate and share some good INFINITI content with you folks over here.
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