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Hello everyone,

I just got my first tune file from my tuner and after I flashed it to my ECU, I did some data logging. (3rd gear, 3000 rpm to redline and 4th gear, 3000 rpm to redline)

I don't know how to read these data logs. What should I be looking for that can hurt my car? Overboosting of the turbo's, AFR's and knock retard, correct?

If so, it looks like my turbo's are over-boosting on this first file from my tuner. Also, how does everything else look? I drove on this file for a couple of weeks and I'm just wondering if I hurt my car or not.

3rd Gear Log
4th Gear Log

Backup Links:
3rd Gear Log: 3rdGearLog.xlsx
4th Gear Log: 4thGearLog.xlsx

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