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Chrome Delete Complete!

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Did you DIY the trim?
Yes I wrapped it myself. It took me 5 hours!!
Wow! I want to do the trim on the door but it’s going to be a pain… what brand of wrap did you use? Any tips?
It Is a Major PITA! Take your time! Try to end the wrap on a straight edge. Don't buy a cheap kit like I did :( Honestly, If I could do it again. I'd pay a shop to do it. It would look way better and probably be warrantied.
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Thank you for the pictures.

This is the first proper comparison, near 1:1, that I've seen.
Definitely a good resource for someone on the fence that would like to a comparison.

Also, your wrap looks good.
If there's a section that was difficult to wrap or you think you didn't do so hot on, could you share?
Thank you HY_NAGA! Unfortunately it did not turn out. I keep getting these huge air pockets on the back trim. (Rear back corner where the trim is the widest) It's starting to peel off underneath on other spots as well. :( I am not happy and will eventually take it to a professional.....
They have a wrap with ‘air release technology’ basically you push down on a bubble, and it seeps through the wrap, releasing the air without having to force the bubble all the way to the edge. Looks good from your picture!!
I wrapped all the trim on my 17’and it’s definitely Veeeery time consuming which is why I opted to plastidip everything on my 21’. Little more prep time but definitely a time saver and a lot less of a headache overall
I definitely took an “L” on this one..
1 - 5 of 11 Posts