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Back in 2012, Infiniti changed its naming scheme which renamed the G37 the Q60. Usually a new name entails something new -- something more than just the name. Strangely, Infiniti didn't change anything about the Q60 when it changed its name, but the true question here is, should it have?

I'm not talking about a huge change, but a cosmetic upgrade or a facelift doesn't seem to be an unreasonable expectations. If you are trying to re-gift the G37 as the Q60, it might help to spruce it up a bit and at least pretend that it is something different than it was before.

In particular, I've read some opinions that the Q60 could have benefited from some of the styling cues of the Q70.

Unfortunately, those L-shaped HID bi-functional xenon headlamps are a little dissappointing. Functionally, they’re incredible. But Infiniti could’ve done the Q60 Convertible a favor by transferring a little more of the Q70 into it. The former is, after all, the middle ground model that’s seen as the best combination of luxury styling and aggressive performance.
Here is what the Q70 looks like.

Do you see any features of the Q70 that would do well on the Q60? Do you wish that the Q60 differed from the G37?
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