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Diffuser help

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I test fit a polyU diffuser before I have it painted, and it looks like the FI exhaust tips will sit ~3/4” inside of the diffuser. When FI installed their 14” touring kit, they said that it is already extended as much as it should be. I’m sure I can lower the tips a little by adjusting the hanger brackets, but I’m worried that the hot exhaust gasses will melt the diffuser. Do you think I have anything to worry about?

FYI, this is just a test fit, and the ends aren’t fully secured.
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IridiumRS400, that's exactly the way I wanted my exhaust tips to sit in the diffuser.

When I Installed my FI 14'' CB. I added 3 washers between one of my hangers and the body. Using it as a spacer so the muffler would sit lower in the cutout. My tips were not even and it bugged TF outta me!!! I wouldn't pull them futher out because Kevin @ FI has told me horror stories of them eventually coming apart :0 Told me only a half inch outta the slip fit at most! They are only adjustable side to side. (Left to Right) Mine are 3/4 of an inch from the diffuser. Haven't Melted yet!
I did the washer trick to the hanger bracket on my IS300, and I planned to do it again with the Q60. I wish I could extend the muffler without cutting them. At least I shouldn't have to worry about my diffuser melting.
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Finally installed it. Looking at the surface area used to adhere the upper portion, I’m worried about the diffuser separating from the bumper. I used 3M super strength molding tape and 3M adhesion promoter after cleaning the surface with 1:1 distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.
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The install method depends on the diffuser.
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