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New to the forum, not new to the culture. I first started with an RX-8 almost 15 years ago and then moved onto a TSX which I lost in a Houston flood 6 months into owning it. Turned that tragedy into an upgrade and grabbed a '13 G37 IPL that was a sure beauty with that Malbec Black/Red Interior combo. I loved that car so much but had to give it up a few years later for family life and switched it up to an x3. Finally got the fortune to get back to the coupe life and purchased a '17 Majestic White RWD RS after I had been missing my IPL and just salivating at the Q60 design and all the pics on this forum. The car came with all the carbon fiber exterior upgrades and had some 19" wheels I wasn't a huge fan of especially with the wheel gap. In the meantime, I upgraded to the lighter Z1 rotors and added the FI LDP and CBE about a month ago. Found an offer I couldn't resist on Craigslist for some 20" Vossen VSF-6 in Satin Bronze on some brand new 4S and just had them mounted today.

Next on the to do list:

- carbon fiber vinyl wrap the roof
- carbon fiber chrome delete
- Bluebat vinyl smoked overlays
- carbon fiber front lip (the $80 ebay one)
- RSR Springs
- AMS Heat Exchanger
- Tune from Hussain Boxwala's Racebox shop in Katy,TX





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Thank your lucky stars you're in Texas 馃 :cool:馃
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