So before I commit to either putting my Q on consignment or trading it in locally in a demodded state, I wanted to take the opportunity to offer my Q for sale to this forum as-is. It's been a labor of love owning my 1st Infiniti, but I'm ready to move on. For those who are curious, my replacement vehicle is a B9 Audi RS5 Coupe.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport AWD - Iridium Blue w/Monaco Red Interior. One owner. No outstanding liens - WA state title in-hand. In-service date is November 16, 2016. Vinyl black-out of window trim, smoked badges & T/S mirror lenses. Nav, heated seats & steering wheel, but no nannies. 33,6xx miles.

The engine and both turbos were both replaced in November 2022 by Infiniti under the 6-yr/70k mile Powertrain Warranty, and only have about 100 miles on them since the install. The engine and turbos have a 1-yr/12k mile warranty, that became effective on November 29th. At present, the stock tune is loaded on the ECM, and I can flash the ECM back to Ecutek if requested by the next owner. With the 1.3 bar map on 93 octane, the old engine put down 437 WHP & 503 WTQ, and with proper break-in, I would assume my Q with the same mods could produce similar #'s with the new engine & turbos.

RS-R DDS-compatible C/O suspension, and SPL Parts & Hotchkis suspension pieces make this a track-ready Q for Auto-X and HPDEs. All that's needed is some 19" Nismo Club wheels & Michelin PS4s, for example, to complete the setup. Currently has the 19" OEM Red Sport wheels with 255/40R19 Michelin A/S 3+ tires, which have about 5k miles on them.

Overall, my Q is barely driven during the mild winters here in the Pacific Northwest, and has never seen salt. The chassis is as clean as new. The front end has a few stone chips, even with the clear bra, but the overall finish has held up well due to the clear bra protection and ceramic coating applied when the car was new.

Any questions, hit me up on IM.