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Hey guys hoping that I can answer some questions pertaining to these lower down pipes. Got these from z1 and had them installed just over a week ago.


I looked at a lot of videos and read that these don’t give much hp/ tq or very little if any without a tune..But I must say this isn’t true.

Before install I drove around for 40 minutes testing from a dead stop to cruising to partial and even wot ...after the install the lower downpipe IS a noticeable upgrade without a tune.

The best way to describe it would be that the car is in sport plus mode all the time with the weather being cold. When you put it in sports pluss it gets better..pulls are definitely stronger and it boost a lot earlier !

It definitely gained in the lower and most importantly in mid rpm but then tapers off higher in the rpm

Sound level

My car is a Canadian model and it came with an axle back from infiniti...the sound level was ok before install and I’m pleased to say that it has only increased ever so slightly after the install.
The cold start is noticeable! Sounds raw...but still refined. After a few seconds a very subdued rumble. In cabin noise has only increased by a very minute amount. Out of 5 volume increased by maximum .75 ... on cold start it’s more like 2/5.
Anyone who is afraid of the noise level with just the dp should not worry as I am extremely picky when it comes to drone..there’s none!

Build quality

This where I was shocked. It looks fine but the welds Are really bad some places are too much some too little inside the pipe had material left behind..I had to sand it off before install and lastly it was missing two mounting bolts...even though the bag was sealed?( made on a Friday)??

Install time

Had it done at a shop and took only 1 hour for both...didn’t use the gaskets because the installer said it’s crap so we reused the metal ones with some sealer..

All in all very happy with the install
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