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Infiniti is previewing its next luxury sport coupe here in Detroit with the Q60 concept.

Borrowing design elements from both the Q50 Eau Rogue and Q80 Inspiration Concepts, the Q60 is a thinly veiled preview of Infiniti’s follow-up to the G37 Coupe and Q60.

The concept being showcased at the COBO Center this week is painted a special “Arctic Aluminum” color meant to look like machined metal. Under its hood, there’s a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 set to replace the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter engine in the current car.

This is the same 3.0-liter direct injected twin-turbo V6 showcased in the Q80 Inspiration concept last year. Infiniti didn’t discuss horsepower ratings in this application, but in the Q80 it supposedly makes 450 hp before you account for its hybrid system. With any luck, that will mean the production version of this car will be particularly potent.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Coverage

If the interior styling cues reach reality, the next Q60 will feel much more premium than the current car thanks to quilted leather upholstery that looks similar to what Mercedes uses in some of its most expensive products.

Infiniti is also giving a nod to the Eau Rouge concept it first showed here in Detroit a year ago with large exhaust tips and an integrated rear spoiler that sticks out of the trunk lid.

Like the new Q50, this car will also use Infiniti’s drive-by-wire system that it says can react to driver steering input more quickly then a mechanical system.

While this is still only officially a concept car, Infiniti plans to begin building the next Q60 in 2016 drawing directly from the vehicle on display this week in Motown.
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