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Infiniti is about to relaunch one of its most successful products.

With a complex renaming of its models over the past two years the G37 has been reborn as the Q50 luxury sedan and the G37 Coupe is now called the Q60. But while the Q50 is all new, the Q60 remains a rebadged version of the old car.
That will all change soon, with a glimpse of an all-new Q60 set to debut next month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
In a release accompanying the above photo Ininfiti says, “Overall proportions and full-sized wheels placed out at the corners of Q60 Concept make an unmistakable design statement and add to the exhilaration of the performance coupe.”
Infiniti is striving for a new consistency of design among its models so look for close similarities between the Q60 and Q50.
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