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Infiniti Q60 vs Mercedes C Class

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Which of the C Class Mercedes would you say best suites competing with the Q60? I love Mercedes interiors and I have high hopes in the Q60 interior.

Any reason to choose the Mercedes over the Q60?
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C350 for sure, can't see the C250 or C63 AMG competing with the Q60 unless Infiniti plans to make some super high performing Q60 packing a V8 :D

It's tough to say why I would choose one over the other since info on the Q60 is very limited at the moment
I was very close to buying a C350 over the G37. It's a nice car. I just didn't like the automatic transmission on the C350. I did like the interior though.
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The interior from mercedes has infinti beat no questions asked. You cant really compare it when it comes down to it.
The new G50 interior seems like a nice step up but I think Infiniti still has some ways to go. Those new Lexus interiors and even the updated Acura interiors are starting to look good.

Even BMW.. Known for boring interiors is really stepping it up this year with the new interiors.
Since we dont exactly know how the interior looks liek lets just base it off of the infiniti Q50. I think they came a long way, usually with infiniti and Nissan interior when you pay over $40,000 expecting a nice interior. Well the previous G37 was ok but not over the top. You really have to see the wuality and desin. Mercedes pretty much has that set the interior just seems to be more updated and the leather they use seems to last longer.
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