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The Infiniti Q60 is coming to a dealership near you this summer, but that’s where things get complicated.

Last month, Infiniti announced that it would revise its naming structure so that all its new cars would be called a “Q” something. In other words, the current G37 sedan will henceforth be called the Q50. Crossover models will be called “QX” something in the same way. Recent reports suggest the G37 coupe, soon to be called the Q60, would arrive in 2016 and that still probably isn’t false.

But does that mean Infiniti is putting the kibosh on its current sport coupe until the new one arrives? Of course not.

Infiniti spokesman Kyle Bazemore clarified, saying all of Infiniti’s product line will be under the new naming structure by this summer.

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If it wasn't for the Infinti Q60 release date being sometime by 2016, I would be against this. In a way it makes sense but it will also confuse people a bit.

It's going to be weird seeing all the 2013/2014 Infiniti G37 coupes rebadged as the "Infiniti Q60" along with every single other Infiniti model out their.
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