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In Monterey last weekend Infinti offered virtual test drives of the Q60 Concept as part of their efforts to lure eyeballs from Lexus or BMW.

Strapped into a quilted racing bucket, on come the headset and headphones, start the motor and off you go, travelling some of the globes most iconic roads like Stelvio Pass and Atlantic Ocean Road. The simulator titls and recreates G-Forces as you wind the Q60 through the twisties.

Infiniti says that the engine sounds in the simulator were created by a real engine, no word if that engine was the 3.0 TT V6 we know is coming.

Cheeky Infiniti also betrayed their intentions by having the Q60 Concept pass a BMW M4 mid simulation. Did Infiniti just meta-confirm the Q60 Eau Rouge? Look for the simulator out and about at events Infinti is part of.

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