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Hello all!

I've been a lurker here for about five months. This while I was trying to decide what car I wanted to purchase. I am the original owner of a '05 Infiniti G35 sedan that has been great to me that I still enjoy to this day! It still turns heads as it is dropped a bit and rides of G35 coupe 7 spoke 18" wheels. The paint shines brightly as I polish my car twice a year with a Griot DA orbital buffer and Griot products.

The '13 BMW is my wife's car that we special ordered to get the light gray interior and corona ring head lights. Very nice car! If we did not have this car I would have chose a BMW 4 series and not look back. But since the 3 series and 4 series are the same car, I wanted something different to drive. My quest started with a Cadillac ATS coupe. Than I decided to wait for the arrival of the Jaguar XE. Then I waited for the Alfa Romeo Guilia TI ( a blast to drive but I was worried about Italian gremlins down the road). The new Q60 was always in the mix during these times. I pulled the trigger one week ago and I am in love!

I look forward to being a part of this community as I was with the G35Driver community.
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