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We've all seen the articles now. Seems like 400-450HP TT V6 is on the table, hopefully.

My questions are about other aspects. Specifically, Transmission and Pricing.

The new Q60 simply has to come with Dual Clutch transmission, right? I mean the Dual clutch has been offered by BMWs direct competition for a few years now. DCTs are also starting to come in lower priced cars (VM, etc) for a few years now. And hopefully Infiniti (Nissan) knows about the 7A/T speed issue that came up in discussion many times.
The thing that makes me wonder about whether a DCT will be on the new Q60 is that Nissan doesn't have one except in the GT-R. That trans is prolly to expensive to put on the Q60.

Also, adding Plumbing, 2 Turbos and intercoolers makes for a larger price tag. It's just simply more parts to put on a car.

What will the cost of the new Q60 be with TT and maybe a DCT? I think one of the things that made the G37/Q60 so popular was that it stayed under 50 for the most part.

What are your thoughts?
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