OK so these Turbos came off a Q50 3.0 AWD we replaced then engine one. Owner of vehicle hit something on the road and cracked oil pan. Insurance sent new Engine short block and paid for new Turbos, Intercoolers, Cats and other related accessories (Honestly wild they covered all that but hey everyone was happy). I bought these off the customer as insurance said to scrap everything so I worked out a deal for them. Was going to use them as cores if I bought PS2s or RTs if they would allow it or send them in to be rebuild by them into PS2/RTs. I have changed directions as I wont need these for that any more.

Q50 had 50kish miles or so and Owner said once they hit something the shut the car off and didnt move it. Engine Freely spun when we manually spun the crank but to be Safe I would advise you buy these with the intent to rebuild them. And or core them.

As far as I know, the will not fit a Red Sport due to the Speed sensor. DYOR.

Not sure what they are worth but Ill ask $300 plus shipping. Open to Offers and Trades (Q60 Ascetics?)

PayPal Verified (with fee) is preferred method. Its upto you if you want to use any other service. AS IS NO WARRANTY IMPLED. Should fit all 3.0 Models Q50/Q60 non Red Sport but I can not Guarantee that.