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After changing the rear 6x9s and adding a RF powered sub, I decided to tackle the doors. I've done a gazillion cars and all I planned to do was to upgrade the 3.5s and the tweeters. Piece of cake. Maybe not.....



The panel came off pretty easy. The most complicated part is pulling off the leather wrapped trim piece under the door pull. It pops off and reveals two bolts with a phillips head, Use a socket as they are too tight for a screwdriver. The panel clips are really brittle so be careful pulling it off. I broke one, but was able to move another one to take it's place. Next time, I'll pick up some extras at Autozone.

The sub is pretty bizarre. It's actually firing into the door and the mess grille is indented to allow for the speaker cable connection. Bose finds the craziest ways to complicate things that should be straightforward.

Above is the 3.5. First shock is that it is "hanging" in the air behind the grill. The speaker housing is angled so the driver projects into the cabin, but the foam surround of the speaker only touches the grille in one place. No sealing at all!
On top of that, there is a chromed plastic grille between the speaker and the aluminum Bose grille. You can see the edge on the door panel surrounding the aluminum grille. Two grilles for the mid to fire through and it's hanging in air with no compartment sealing. Nice job Nissan.



The tweeter pod above comes apart with screws. The driver is a cloth soft dome.

The 3.5 sits really deep into the panel because of the angle of the casing. I popped in some diamond audios using existing screw holes, but the speaker actually sits over the top edge of the sub drivers. To keep from interfering with the sub, you would have to fabricate brackets to drop the speaker deeper towards the panel.

As it's 108 here in Phoenix and 122 in my garage I decided that I was not up for a fab class today. I decided to deaden the door panel where tapping causes rattles and I used some deadening sheets to "close off" the 3.5 so that the output is sealed towards the door panel that way it should have been made.

I skipped changing the tweets too as I would going to replace the OEMs with soft domes and that was already what was in there.


I put this post together to give peeps an idea of what they are looking at if they decide to tackle it. I love car audio but Bose is always a total pain in the ass. I don't think I'll pull the driver door apart just to seal the 3.5 off from the back of the panel. I'll wait for cooler weather and then I'll pull it all apart again and do it right.
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