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OEM Oil Cooler - Comments and Questions

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I have a 2017 Q60 Silver Sport (RWD). This week, I installed the Z1 Oil Cooler System (25 row Setrab core and Mocal thermostatic sandwich plate). As I was reading the Z1 instructions ahead of time, it stated the Red Sport came with the air to air oil cooler (which would all be removed for the install), and everything else came with the water to air oil cooler (which would need a male/male nipple to block off coolant, and removal of the sandwich plate).

My Silver Sport definitely had the Red Sport air to air oil cooler system. It even had the electronically controller louvers in front of the oil cooler core. (Question 1) Has anyone else ran into this or discovered this? I did a search and didn't see much info on the oem Oil Cooler.

(Question 2) Can this oem air to air oil cooler be used on those Q60s with just the water to air oil cooler? (i.e. do they have the connector to control the louvers). If so, I will be selling the oem a2a oil cooler system. I am sure someone could use it.

I'd appreciate any discussion.
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I think you have found an answer by now, but because I would be disheartened myself if no one replied, so I will make an attempt..

Take it with a grain of salt since I don't know first hand. I just did some digging on the internet.

To start, 2017s are special as they have had several issues, so prehaps the Engine Oil Cooler had been replaced sometime as a preventative measure.
It's also slightly complicated as oil cooling is not one part, but a collection of parts.

Official Infiniti parts sites did not really provide me an answer, saying that all the parts (including what I think you mean by "electronically controlled louvers") fit on every trim of the Q60, 2WD and 4WD, for all model years.

This style, 21305-5CA0A, as seen in the installation video, may have been silently phased out and replaced during one of the recalls.
I came to the conclusion seeing the diagram, as well the part on Concept Z Performance only listed for compatibility with 2017 Q60 models.
Old? system
I assume it was an attempt at an all-in-one solution. (Or else there would have been no/less issue with it being unable to cool down the oil adequately.)

New? system
The newer style, 21340-5CA0A (RWD) , and 21340-5CB0B (AWD) superseeds it in later models and (I assume it) pairs with 21305-5CE0A.
Again, don't take my word. I understand PC watercooling. Automobile heat exchangers? Barely.

Anyways, unfortunately if I am correct, then you would be trying to sell an obsolete part.
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so perhaps the Engine Oil Cooler had been replaced during the recall or sometime else as a preventative measure.
There's no such recall
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My bad, only saw the title instead of seeing "2.0L".
There was a service bulletin for my RS but it was only an ECU software update.
If you want to cool the oil, and maintain its temperature, might I suggest getting the Dropbear LLC oil pan. It's an Aluminum oil pan with an extra 1-qt of capacity, and as an added bonus, has a much better oil dam around the oil pickup to prevent oil starvation in high-G maneuvers.

Mike, owner of Dropbear, uses his FB page to update his inventory. Otherwise, they are fabricated based on orders:

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To add to this discussion, I'll ad a few pictures I took of the OEM air to air oil cooler system and electronic louvers. Can anyone with a Silver Sport confirm they have the same system?
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