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Oil pan replacement + warranty

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Hi there,

My mec. told me that I have to replace my oil pan as the plug seems to be rotating with the part that it gets attached to making it impossible to open it.

Another mec. told me that it was over torqued during the last oil change but my mec says that it's not the case and this is common with any oil pan that has plastic and metal parts like Infiniti.

I bought my car back in 2020 and I added the extended warranty package, I wonder if the dealership can consider this as wear and tear. It seems the plug rust did the whole thing.
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anyone encounter the same issue?
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Just from what I have learn.. I take my car to the stealership to do a oil change.. and from what I have found out they replace the drain plug every time they change the oil.. Not sure if they are doing it for that reason..
even though I have warranty I feel that they will tell me it's not gonna be covered due to the fact that I changed oil somewhere else..
yes, that could be possible.. anything for them not to fix it, but I would still give it a try and see what they say
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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