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Problem: Acceleration Delay

The problem is intermittent. Every once in a while, when we press the accelerator, our 2014 Infiniti Q60 does not accelerate. There is a pause, a hesitation. Then as we continue to press down on the accelerator, there is a rapid acceleration.

Sometimes this delay, pause, or hesitation occurs when attempting to accelerate after stopping at a red traffic signal light. The traffic signal light turns green, we press down on the accelerator, and the Infiniti does not accelerate for about a second. Then the car will suddenly rapidly accelerate.

At other times this acceleration delay occurs when we want to accelerate after slowing in traffic. For example, when approaching a traffic stop light where the traffic has slowed. We slow down to about 5 - 10 mph as we approach and intersection. The traffic then speeds up after the light turns green. We want to accelerate to move along with the accelerating traffic. As we press down on the accelerator, there is a delay, a pause, or hesitation to accelerate. Then the our Infiniti will accelerate rapidly, faster than we'd like to go.

We took our Infiniti to our local Nissan dealer. They could not duplicate the problem when they took it for a test drive. They found nothing wrong. They charged us $67 for investigating this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do you have any ideas that could help us? We're considering taking our Infiniti to an Infiniti dealer in another city about 90 miles from here to see if they can correct the problem.

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