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The second-generation G has morphed into the 2014 Q60. The car basically dates back to 2007, and with its facelift, it looks really sharp. The engine note is still "a snarling leopard purr."

The Q60 looks great inside as well, but it still "doesn't transcend its "a Nissan but nicer" vibe.

- Still love the VQ sound, the sharp looks, and the junior grand tourer vibe.
- Balanced, agile, plenty powerful, and likes to dance. It's like a more powerful, more grown-up BRZ.

- Automatic cuts into the enjoyment. The interior materials and design aren't up to par. Forget about adjusting the seat with the door closed.
- Even with rear seats, still about as functional as a BRZ. The only way to comfortably readjust the seat—I am not kidding—is to do so with the door open.

Check out the full story here --> 2014 Infiniti Q60 - Drive Notes - Road & Track
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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