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Supporting mods (bushings/braces/etc)

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Just looking around and seeing people buying these types of items. What’s really going to be necessary here from things like this?

many bushing/brace/mounts etc needed and how will the car handle?

also will it make a big difference or no. Looking at going past FBO on the car.

random side question: will sway make a huge impact in handling or should I not bother with them?

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Are you AWD or RWD? Luxe or Redsport? What are your goals for the car?

Here's the order I did things in for my RWD Q60 Luxe and what I noticed from each:

1st was Hotchkis sway bars. These really eliminated the understeering that I noticed in the Q through fast corners and of course reduced body lean as well. I had the rear bar on the middle stiffness setting

2nd was HKS Hypermax IV GT coilovers. These were fantastic, I was able to get my ride height where I wanted it and adjust the dampers to where I felt they worked the best. Also gave me the ability to soften the damping during normal driving or long road trips and firm up the damping for canyon carving or road track days.

3rd was Z1's subframe collars. I felt that these made a subtle, but confidence inspiring change. Before them the rear always seemed to need a little time to settle after entering a curve. The subframe collars greatly reduced/eliminated the time needed for the car to settle.

4th was Pride's V1 diff brace. This was the one mod that I noticed the least impact from, not sure if it's because of everything else I had done first, or because it is intended to reduce wheel hop and I've never been a drag strip kinda guy.

5th was Voodoo13's full complement of suspension bits: front upper control arms, rear traction, camber, and toe arms. These were to help me dial in my alignment settings for track use. They really helped to make the car feel planted and were a great addition. In the future I think these are a mod I'd do sooner rather than later. I was worried that with the solid bushings it would make the car much less comfortable on the street, but I felt the impact to ride quality was minimal.
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I’m RWD and I’ll be getting a RS later this year.

it’ll be a daily driver and maybe some track use later (depending on requirements).
Goals if to go half crazy with it, not too much.

From what I’ve been reading it seems like the sway bars, coilovers and subframe collars are the best for what I need at this time.
Will your RS also be RWD? If so, I've got RWD parts for sale if you're interested.
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Will your RS also be RWD? If so, I've got RWD parts for sale if you're interested.
Let me know if you want anything then. I'm going out of town for a few weeks, but will be posting stuff up for sale when I come back. For RWD specifically I've got the following: Hotchkis sway bar set, SPL front and rear endlinks, and HKS Hypermax IV GT coilovers.
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