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Will There An IPL Model?

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I would like to see S spec or IPL model.
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Seeing how the 2013 Infiniti G37 does come in a IPL trim and how Infiniti is working to compete with the bigger luxury sport car brands, they NEED IPL trims. Without it they will be like BMW without "M" vehicles or Mercedes without "AMG" vehicles.
A performance model of the Q60 would be helpful to battle the german rivals since they already have been released with their performance models for a while now. The question is just how much will Infiniti be bringing on the plate in the IPL Q60. Rumours of a twin turbo 500 or so horsepower is in the owrks is this the IPL Q60. That would be nice if they take the GTR R35 engine and put it in the Q60 chassis otherwise how else would they be competing with the big boys
I dont see why they wouldnt make an IPL trim for the Q60 coupe. It seemed like the last IPL G37 did well and satisfied that particular group that needed a more sportier G37. So why wouldnt they do it to the Q60. But usually with these sport trim they only come after a certain time. So we will have to wait a till the "actual" Q60 itself has been release to the market. It'll be nice if it had a little more horsepower, better suspension, brembo brake package and nice add on skirt package. Am i missing anything?
It would not make any sense not to have an IPL model for the G37.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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